Fun Shaped Pasta Your Kids Will Love!

If you are looking for a healthy pasta that your kids will love, look no further than Alb-Gold Organic Kid’s Pasta! Make meals fun for the kids as a side dish or a main meal. This product is unique because there is no powdered sauces added, so you are free to make your own sauce!


This pasta comes in some adorable shapes: Safari Animals, Farm Animals and Dinosaurs. My youngest *loves* the farm animal shapes. He enjoys finding the farmer in his pasta and the many different animals on the farm such as pigs, horses, cows and roosters. My kids are pretty simple, they enjoy eating these noodles plain with just some butter. I enjoy knowing that my kids are eating pasta made from clean ingredients, something that is hard to find these days when it comes to pasta products. My son attends a farm preschool, so he just loves that he can go to school during the day, where he learns how to feed and take care of the animals. When he comes home he loves to find the animal shapes in the pasta in the evening!

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The past evening we stopped over to visit Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma usually makes some type of noodle for my youngest, so I decided to grab a box of the Farm Animals to take along with us while dad and big brother were at hockey practice. We didn’t cook the entire box, so there will be some extra for Grandma to have handy the next time she watches my kiddo! Surprisingly, Grandpa ended up with a bowl of the pasta and really liked it! So these fun pasta shapes aren’t just for the kiddos, the big kids – even Grandpa – liked eating them! He liked the flavor of the noodle and he too, just had them with butter and nothing else. Win win! And, these pasta shapes are certified USDA Organic for those of you looking for an organic option. Take a look at my youngest Nibbler as he nibbles away on the Farm Animals!